HA5 Target Applications

HA5 is the superior treatment option.¬†Used by more than 80 public agencies, DOT’s and County Governments across the Southeast.

Whitaker engineered the technology and equipment needed to properly apply HA5. Our highly trained professionals manage a fleet of modern, heavy-duty, specialized equipment that uniformly disperses a thixotropic material with the precise density of fine aggregate. Installation does not leave behind loose aggregate or grainy residue on the surface. Whitaker manufactures everything you need to get the job done; because of that, we confidently warranty the product to you for five years.

Although applied HA5 has a smooth appearance, it does not make the road slick. Communities have found the upgrade in pavement to deliver a measurable return on investment, including an increase in property value. School districts, residential communities, religious organizations, medical providers and various businesses are ideal candidates for HA5 installations.

Backed by years of research, including 12-year performance evaluations and testing by Nolte Engineering, HA5 is proven to be the superior option to competing pavement seals on residential roadways and parking surfaces. With more than 160 million square feet installed, HA5 is the choice pavement preservation technique for more than 80 public agencies across the southeast.

Whitaker Contracting is dedicated to creating community value through pavement preservation. As a licensed, bonded and insured company, Whitaker has built a trusted brand with high customer-satisfaction rates.

Applications include:

  • Municipalities
  • School Districts
  • Residential Communities
  • Religious Organizations
  • Medical Providers
  • Businesses