Streets Last Longer & Cost Less to Own

Proactive private businesses and organizations by the thousands have uncovered a strategy that saves them money while effectively preserving their pavement assets using HA5 – High Density Mineral Bond.

HOAs in particular are trending away from the use of seal coats due to the much higher return on investment and longer lasting performance of HA5 (categorized as High Density Mineral Bond). HA5 enables communities to lower the life-cycle costs of pavement assets and reduce the amount of road closures as HA5 installations tend to last about 2x longer or more than seal coat applications. Pavement may be your most expensive asset. Becoming educated in pavement preservation will help you choose the treatment for your roadways that will achieve the maximum extension of pavement life for each dollar invested.

Understanding the right treatment, for right road, at the right time ensures:

  • Lowest possible expenditures
  • Higher aesthetics & property values
  • Fewer premature failures
  • No special assessments
  • More predictable costs
  • Reduced need for costly rehabilitation or reconstruction

A Typical Business Will Pay $213,020 EXTRA Due to Mismanagement of Their Pavement Asset.