Maximum Extension of Pavement Life for Every Dollar Spent

Forward-thinking municipalities, counties, and state DOTs today are broadening the use of multiple tools in the pavement preservation toolbox. What has risen to the top of the list for many agencies (now over 135) is the use of HA5 High Density Mineral Bond. Critical to effectively preserving an agency’s pavement assets includes the utilization of the right treatment type for the specific use and condition of the roadway.

An effective pavement management strategy is key to taking on the challenges facing you as you work to effectively preserve your infrastructure.

Schools and Universities:

It’s no stretch to say maintenance budgets are limited at school districts. The requirement of maximizing the value of every dollar spent is driving the implementations of HA5 at more and more school districts every year.

Schools that have still have a good PCI (Pavement Condition Index rating) are able to lower their maintenance costs 30 to 40 percent compared to seal coat treatments.

HA5 dramatically improves your infrastructure needs while saving you substantial tax payer dollars.